Oh, sweet vacation, I barely knew ye…

What? What is this? Cubicle? Work? Files and meetings and voicemail??? But! But!!


Yes. I am back. And now, for your reading pleasure, is vacation by the numbers:

  • Number of people: 2
  • Nights in Stowe: 5
  • Bottles of wine consumed by those 2 people in those 5 nights: Umm. It may be 11. But I will neither confirm nor deny.
  • Inches of snow that we received on Wednesday: 38
  • Number of Valentine’s Days in a row that Matt and I have spent stuck in our hotel room: 2 (but this one was really fun because it involved a fireplace and lots of wine and TV and board games)
  • Degrees the first day we went skiing: 3
  • Degrees the second day we went skiing: -9
  • Degrees the third day we went skiing: -1
  • Number of times I yelled, “Oh, holy fuck it is fucking freezing!”: Too many to count
  • Samples eaten by me on the Ben and Jerry’s tour: 3
    • Weird Tour Lady who said ‘eyesh cream’ instead of ‘ice cream’: Now, you know it’s bad luck to leave free samples on the tray!
    • Everyone else in our group: *leaves the room*
    • Me: Well, we wouldn’t want to have any bad luck, would we?
    • Matt: Umm… I don’t think she meant for you to eat three more samples.
    • Me: Shut up and hand me a napkin.
  • Pretty sparkly gifts received: 3
  • Bottles of wine finished in the 3 days after we came back home (we came back on Friday): 5 (but a few were already open and therefore don’t really count, right)
  • Pounds gained: Only 2, amazingly
  • Number of times the words, “I really don’t want to go back to work tomorrow,” were spoken yesterday: 1,683,108

Vacation was awesome. But alas, work calls…


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