Counting the Hours


Vacation vacation vacation!!!

Skiing! And fireplace! Right in our room! And eating! Drinking! WINE! Sleeping! Vacation!

Oh my. I think my heart might just burst from the joy.

We’ll be gone for a week, so I probably won’t be back at the old computer for a little while. But I’m sure I will have some good stories when I get back. In fact, because I’m psychic (Pshaw – you didn’t know about my psychic abilities? I totally am. Shut up.) I can predict now the titles of my entries when I get back:

  • The time I fell down multiple times while skiing and then ran to the lodge to sulk and drink the hurt away. (See also, last year’s ski vacation.)
  • The time Matt and I couldn’t find anywhere to go for dinner on Valentine’s Day, because neither of us eats a damn thing and the restaurants always insist on some special fancy menu on Valentine’s Day.
  • The time Matt got totally freaked out by the bed and breakfast because he doesn’t really understand that’s it’s not the same as a big hotel and people might be *gasp* friendly to him and he might be expected to be friendly in return.
  • The time I changed my outfit 20 times and then asked Matt what he liked the best and the ensuing riot when he replied with a blank stare and a look at his watch.
  • The time we had a really awesome vacation, because really, it is going to be so incredibly super and awesome and fantastic and whatnot.

T-5 hours. I CAN’T WAIT!!!


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  1. hello one smart cookie, just dropped by to check out the latest entry in your blog. enjoy your vacation, it goes by fast… peace.

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