Weekend Recap

Well. It’s Monday. But that fact, surprisingly, does not make me sad. BECAUSE THIS IS THE LAST MONDAY BEFORE VAY CAY SHUN. And tomorrow will be the last Tuesday before vacation. Etc. Now do you see how my mind works?

This weekend was fabulous. On Friday I got a surprise call from my friend Meg, who happened to be in the area. Meg and I went to college together, and she now lives in Connecticut. I hadn’t seen her in over a year so it was a really nice surprise. She also had her new puppy, Duncan, with her. (Picture Matt: Puppppy!!!!!!!!! Aeeeeeiiiiiii!!!!!!!) Duncan is a toy fox terrier and he is super cute and cuddly.

We also had friends over on Saturday night for a dorky night of drinking and board games. If you like board games, I highly recommend ‘Pop 5’, a new game by the makers of Cranium. Very fun – and of course the presence of a little booze didn’t hurt either.

Sunday was relaxing. Matt and I played about 3 hours of Uno because he couldn’t stop until he beat me, which just… didn’t happen. He swore I was somehow cheating because it didn’t matter who shuffled, dealt, whatever – I always ended up winning. While we were playing Uno we watched “World’s Scariest Explosions (caught on tape)” and then “Trainwrecks (caught on tape)”. If you have not seen either of those shows, you are seriously missing out on some high-class television viewing, in my opinion.

We did watch the Superbowl, which was kind of so-so, because the Patriots weren’t in it, so I didn’t really care. The commercials were not terribly impressive this year, although I did like the one with the dog and the parade. I think there were a few other funny ones but I don’t really remember them.

Speaking of commercials, remember that huge project that I’ve been working on for a while? The one that caused all sorts of stress and angst and whatnot? The commercial for it launched on Sunday!! It was not during the Superbowl, although I think it is is funny enough to have been – we’re just too cheap to pay that much for the spot. I have heard that people saw it right after the Superbowl though, so that’s good. For obvious reasons, I can’t say what commercial it is – although I really wish I could! So e-mail me (onesmartcookie1231@yahoo.com) if you want to know and I’ll gladly tell you.


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