Happy Friday

Here’s to the weekend. Finally.

I’m hoping that this weekend brings me out of the funk I have been in lately. I hope that I am able to let it all go and just relax a bit. This is easier said than done, but I am hoping that it will be a little easier than normal since as of today I am officially one week away from being on vacation.

Say it with me, folks. VAY CAY SHUN.

Those are beautiful syllables.

Normally I like to think of myself as somewhat interesting and witty. I mean, you read what I write by choice – hopefully no one is holding a gun to your head. (If someone is, leave a comment letting me know so that I can send someone to your rescue.) But today I will freely admit that I am neither interesting or witty, nor anything else that might be considered worth reading.

What I am is wiped out. Down in the dumps. Feeling like Charlie Brown after Lucy pulled away the football. “Good grief”, as Charlie would say.

So I’m sorry that you have to put up with me. I know that I’m just being a miserable brat. But I promise to pull through for you with witty updates next week. Updates full of promise and life and wit and interestingness. And possibly made up words. You never know.

Please go have a good weekend. Have a drink – I know I will.

Good grief!


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