Lazy Survey Goodness

The fabulous Lori asked her readers to answer a survey today. I think she meant that we should answer in her comments, but since I have nothing. to. write. about. I will answer here.  

-Name some favorite comfort foods.

This is hard since my diet is made up primarily of foods that others would consider comfort food. However, mac and cheese is one of my favorite things and it always makes me happy to have it. Ice cream is also comforting, although I think we all know that I don’t need an excuse to eat ice cream.

-Name a song that makes you smile and turn up the volume.

Various songs for various reasons:

“Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra makes me feel romantic.

“Beautiful” by Christina Aguleria (spelling? I have no clue. See: lazy, above.) makes me think of my friend Liz, and all the times we spend belting out this song because we thought it was funny.

“Moneymaker” by Ummm, some rap guy makes me laugh. Because honestly – how could you not laugh at that song?

Many, many, U2, Aerosmith, Tom Petty, etc songs will also make me turn up the volume.

-Is there a place that you go, a la Holly Golightly to Tiffany’s, that makes you feel better just walking in the door and possibly you sigh with the renewed well-being of it all?

Book store! Books books books! All those upopened, beautiful books. Just waiting to be read by me. Mmmmm, books.

-Can you think of a silly or stupid thing that recently made you laugh?

Last night Matt was trying to convince me to get a dog, and I said no, because we can’t afford a dog. He asked what would be so expensive, and I said that vet bills would be a pretty big expense. His reply: What if she comes with a lifetime teeth to tail warranty?

I don’t know why but I laughed for a good 10 minutes about that.

-What are some random and assorted small things that make you happy?

Books. COMMENTS. Weekends. Playing board games. Having a good hair day. COMMENTS. E-mail. Mail (not of the junk mail or bills variety). Dancing lessons. A heartfelt compliment. A hug. Munchkins from Dunkin Donuts. Pictures. My Peanuts calendar. COMMENTS.

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One response to “Lazy Survey Goodness

  1. Rayshell

    I just started reading you site and like your style! You and Matt remind me of my husband (before we got married..almost 2 yrs ago). Anyway..I had to chime in with my 2 cents…DOGS ARE GREAT! We have one beautiful Chocolate Lab named Ethel Brown. Sure..she is a huge responsibility and the vet bills aren’t cheap but I never thought I’d love a dog as much as I love ours. something that’s ours which is a really cool thought (without having the expense of a child, which we will have that expense come July…whole other ramble..sorry!). Anyhoo…you should totally think about it! Matt is so right…dogs are all about smiles and tail wagging..oh and treats! There isn’t anything better than a sweet lick across the face to say “welcome home!”

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