stress reaching toxic levels

Work is reaching that point where I’m not sure whether to crawl under my desk and cry, sit in a meeting and cry, or sit in my uncomfortable desk chair and cry. It’s times like this when I lose all ability to be organized and productive and succumb to the only thoughts racing through my head – those being, “You are never going to get all of this done and you are going to be fired and then you will have to live in a box on the street and if only you could get this work done none of that would happen but oooohhhhh no, you are just sitting here looking at hundreds of e-mails and deadlines and file folders with tears in your eyes, you wimp.”

I am trying to force myself to prioritize and just pick something up and DO IT, because at least that will be one thing off the list. But I am having a hard time with that because everything really does need to be done RIGHT NOW. Everytime the phone rings or the computer says that I have more e-mail, I just cringe in terror of whatever new task has been assigned.

And I know that maybe the first step to getting something done would be to stop blogging, but I just needed a minute to vent, ok?


I DO thrive on pressure, but this is just a little TOO MUCH PRESSURE.

Ok. Vent over. Time to get back to work. One thing at a time.

I am trying here… but I would be lying if I said I didn’t half expect someone to find me rocking in a corner somewhere later on today.


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