…I need to be reminded that the characters in TV shows aren’t real. Also, that they can’t hear what I am screaming at them as I watch the show.

This has been the case with the current season of 24. Jack Bauer just does not listen to me! I kept trying to tell him not to shoot Curtis, but he went and did it anyway! And then that dude that Jack pulled out of the helicopter was all, “I have to go to my wife and kids,” and Jack was all, “Where are they?” And the dude was all, “Well, see that mushroom cloud? They’re over there somewhere.”

And there is a brother! And a father! And… and… Graham! Lamp cord plastic bag ahhhh!

Sometimes it is a little much for me to handle, is all I’m saying.

I haven’t even watched Heroes yet, as it is still on the faithful TiVo, which was all, “Go ahead and watch 24 while I record the OTHER show that is on Mondays at 9pm.” But I am very excited for it and I just want to know WHO IS ON THE LIST.

Are YOU on the list?

I really hope that I am on the list. It would be pretty freaking awesome to have superpowers, although I can’t quite decide which character’s powers are the best. I mean flying is cool and all, but being able to heal myself could really come in handy sometimes.

Sometimes like, maybe this morning for example… when I closed my hand in the trunk of my car. Ouch.


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