Superbowl will equal Supersuck

I was never a huge sports fan growing up. Where I lived in New Jersey, people were either Philly fans or NY fans – that was the biggest rivalry and even that was pretty low key. I really  had no loyalties and so I think the only sports that I watched were the Olympics.

However, once I moved to Boston, I realized something – these people love their sports. That it just the way it is. Major league sports are a passion here in a way that I cannot come up with a good enough comparison for. So, in recent years, I’ve kind of jumped on the bandwagon. I watched as the Red Sox lost in the playoffs and then when they won the World Series. I watched the Patriots win Superbowls and then walked through crazy mobs, scarcely controlled by riot police, to my apartment. I know names of players and even some stats – and if you have known me for a while, you would not expect this AT ALL.

But in midst of jumping on the sports bandwagon as a way to fit in with my fellow Beantowners, something else happened – I began to care. And that is how it came to be that I was sorely disappointed by the Patriots loss last night. (Not so much as Matt, of course, who punched the off button on the TV so hard that it almost disintegrated, but still upset.) So now the Colts, who I really couldn’t have cared less about a few weeks ago, are my sworn enemy. Payton Manning can shove his helmet where the sun don’t shine.

Let it never be said that I am not loyal. It might have taken a while for me to find these loyalties, but they are there and they are strong.

Oh, and let me just say this – I may be loyal to my team, but Caldwell – you’re still an idiot. He through it right to you! Like 3 times! And you just dropped it and then walked away bug-eyed and dazed! Moron.

End of rant.

I still can’t believe I’m a sports fan…

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