Back to work today. I don’t think I could possibly be less excited. Especially because I stayed home on Friday and therefore came back to even more e-mail/voicemail/crap than usual. Then why did I stay home on Friday, you ask? Well, obviously, it was because I was partying up a storm. Or, you know, because I had a raging migraine. Which one do you think is true?

I guess my sob story is a little late in the writing, because I feel fine now, but in case you ever need to feel sympathy for someone in this condition, I will tell you what a migraine feels like.

Think of the very worst hangover you’ve ever had.

Remember the pounding head pain, the nausea, the inability to think or move or do anything except lay around and groan?

Now, factor in the sensitivity to light and sound. Add in a few more symptoms like maybe pain in your shoulders and arms or flashing colored lights whenever you look at objects.

Think really hard about all of that.

Then multiply it by ten.

THAT is what it feels like.

And if you ever speak the words, “It’s just a headache,” to me, you are DEAD MEAT.


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