Sometimes it’s hard to censor myself on this site. I know that for obvious reasons I should avoid talking about work… and that I have other reasons why I should avoid talking about certain personal subjects. But it seems sometimes that the only things I ‘can’t’ talk about are the only things that I actually want to talk about.

I started this little project as an outlet. A kind of diary of the 21st century variety. But sometimes I wonder if it was such a good idea. It’s hard to have this blank page in front of me and not be able to talk about the things that are truly bothering/affecting/exciting me right now.

I know that there must be a way to make this work, because so many other have managed to. But right now all I can think is how no one who knows me in real life knows that I have a site… and what would they think if they ever read it? This kind of self-censorship turns something that should be an outlet into kind of a chore. I can’t write a single word or sentence or post without wondering what people think.

Does anyone out there have any advice? How did you determine what subjects were OK to right about and which were off limits? How did you figure out how anonymous you wanted to be (pictures, no pictures, name given, etc)?


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  1. As a wanna-be writer, I knew that I wanted to put my name on my site so that hopefully it would translate into paying writing work. But I do still struggle with the question of what to post and what is too personal. There are things that I would very much like to post about, but for various reasons, don’t. Sometimes it doesn’t occur to me to self-censor, such as when I write about getting falling-down drunk without considering that my mother reads my blog. But she got over it. What tends to happen most often for me is that I do something embarrassing and my first thought is “I am not going to tell anyone about this” and my second thought is “except I’ll have to blog about it”. And then I do. So while I don’t tell the Internet everything that I’ll tell my friends, I do tell the Internet plenty of things that I otherwise would tell no one. Go figure.

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