Remember when I told you that I was going to update all about Christmas and New Years and My Birthday (which is on New Years Eve)? Remember that? Well a quick look at ye olde calendar is telling me that it is officially time to MOVE ON, YOU MORON, NO ONE CARES ABOUT HOLIDAYS THAT HAPPENED WEEKS AGO.

But, you know, in case you do, I will present you with Christmas/New Years/Birthday 2006, the condensed version.


Was good. I got lots of loot. (Really, an incredible amount.) Highlights included Sirius radio for my car, Sees candy (still hard to get on the East Coast but getting easier), a popcorn air popper, scarf/hat/glove set, gift cards, etc. My big gift from Matt was the best. He know how the reading, it consumes me, so my big gift was a box filled with over 35 books! And at the bottom of the box was Wicked, which I have been wanting to read for a while. And when I picked it up, I thought it had a bookmark in it. But was it a bookmark? Nooooo. It was two tickets to see the musical!! I don’t think I need to tell you how excited I am!


Am now 24. Went to vineyard for the day. Day went something like this:

Up. Early.

Coffee. Breakfast.


Drive drive drive drive damn will we ever get there?

CT! Vineyard! Wine! Yay!

Taste. Taste taste taste.

Wine bar. Drink drink drink.

Drive? No, thank you.

Walk. Walk walk walk.

Sober up.

Drive. Looooots.


Out to dinner.

Hang out.

Midnight! Yay!

The end.

New Years:

See above: “Midnight. Yay!”

Now is time for squeeing, because I have my very first real live comment, and I cannot tell you how excited that makes me. Am not outsider of the blogging world! Have comment! More, please!


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  1. Here you go, here’s another comment and believe me……you’re holiday was much more exciting than mine was…………Happy Birthday

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