Light at the end of the tunnel

So the big scary project is moving along. A major part of it was completed last week and now it is actually seeming reasonable that we can pull this off and make it a success. It’s a really good feeling.

I also spoke with someone at work who has been kind of an unofficial mentor for me since I started my last position here. She’s a great person to talk to about this stuff because she gives real feedback and suggestions that actually help. I hope that talking to her gave me the jumpstart that I need to turn things around. I don’t want to end up being miserable and hating my job. It’s one thing to have a rough week or two, but quite another to be completely and utterly miserable with the work that you do.

I’m also going to try to stop working so late all the time – at least two nights a week I am going to leave on time. Hopefully eventually I will be able to do that more than two nights a week without it being such a struggle, but for now that is a step in the right direction.


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