21 days till Christmas

I’m almost done shopping, and in some ways that makes me sad. Normally I hate crowded places and searching for things on sale, but at this time of year there is nothing more exciting to me than that crowded mall.

I’ll cheerfully carry heavy bags for hours before walking the 3 miles to my car. I’ll worm my way through crowds to find the perfect gift and I’ll stand in line until my legs ache. I will search CVS for the perfect stocking stuffers and I’ll make sure my wrapping paper and ribbon are color coordinated.

And I’ll cherish the look on the face of the person who has just received a great gift from me. I’ll know that the time and thought (and yes, the money) was well-spent. I love buying presents for people. Love it.

This year I think Matt will be pretty happy with his haul. I got him some good stuff and it is a nice mix of things that he asked for (always a good safe move) and things that I thought of on my own. Of course, damn him, he’s already figured out what’s in half the boxes under the tree… but I just keep pretending that he’s wrong and hopefully I can still surprise him with some of it.

Sigh… back to work… only 21 days until Christmas fun!


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