Meet Pepper

Since I am apparently too inept to provide you with a picture of Pepper (what the hell, WordPress?) I will instead provide a description:

 Pepper is a red (get it? like a red pepper?) shiny new Nissan Altima. He is so pretty. And new. And he has new car smell. And best of all? He is not broken. If he becomes broken at some point over the next 8 years/100K miles? Hello, warranty!!

So, sorry for the lack of pictures, but I’m sure you can Google your way to some pictures that give an idea of what Pepper looks like.

Lilly (otherwise known as old n’ busted) is being sold to my little brother. My father the engineer is itching to get his hands on her and make her less busted. I’m glad that my brother is getting her because I think it is a perfect car for him (read: decent and safe but also cheap) but I am also ever so glad to be rid of her. This means that my family will be coming up in a few weeks to collect old n’ busted and drive her to NJ. This also means that in approximately 2 minutes my eyeballs are going to pop out of my head from the stress.  House guests? Ack. House guests who are also members of my family??? Oh, God, make it stop. 

To avoid the stress, I’ll just think about all of the food that I am going to consume tomorrow. Yum. Pie. Mmmmmm…


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