100 Things I am Thankful For

  1. Matt
  2. My new car.
  3. Toothpaste that comes in the stand-up container.
  4. The “squishy” ice pack that helps oh so much when I have a headache
  5.  The Venus razor
  6. Mornings when Matt starts my car so that it is nice and toasty when I get in to drive to work
  7. My friends at work who make the tough parts of the job much more bearable
  8. My boss who tells me to leave when I stay late and who called me while driving to her Thanksgiving destination to tell me to leave work early today – she has no idea how much I appreciate that
  9. My last boss, who taught more than I think he realizes about how to survive in corporate America
  10. Heroes (the TV show)
  11. House (the TV show)
  12. Gray’s Anatomy (the TV show)
  13. TiVo
  14. The Harmony remote, which allows me to make everything in our complicated set-up work by pressing buttons conveniently labeled “watch a DVD” or “watch TiVo”
  15. Wine
  16. Matt
  17. Our house
  18. The pumpkin pie that I just finished baking. I had to leave the room so that I wouldn’t eat it
  19. The fact that not only does Matt buy me jewelry on occasion, but that he picks out such pretty jewelry
  20. He also buys me flowers
  21. Matt’s family, who didn’t even banish me after Christmas Eve 2005
  22. In fact, there are several incidents in which they might have written me off as a drunken lunatic. Luckily they were all drunk during those incidents as well. So, I’m THANKFUL (there is a theme here, afterall) that they were drunk during those times.
  23. The lamp in my cube at work
  24. Target
  25. Matt
  26. Barnes & Noble
  27. Borders
  28. Waldenbooks
  29. BOOKS in general
  30. My friend Liz. But I’d be more thankful if she’d move to MA already, damnit, so that we could have sleepovers and braid each other’s hair like we used to
  31. My green and white striped shirt
  32. My new suede boots
  33. SHOES of any kind (except ugly, that is)
  34. Cetaphil
  35. Tide  laudry detergent
  36. The fact that I no longer have to save up quarters like a crazy person in order to do my laundry
  37. Warm snuggly comforters
  38. Matt’s dimples. Nothing makes me melt like those dimples, except maybe…
  39. Matt’s laugh. It has to be a real, genuine, from the heart laugh though.
  40. The trip to NYC that we took in August 2005
  41. The trip to NH that we took last February
  42. The fact that this is my own damn website, so I can finish this list later. More thanks to come!

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