So sad it’s over…

I had the best weekend EVER. And now it’s over. Boo. But it was great while it lasted and it left me refreshed and feeling so much better.

On Friday Matt and I went to see the “Body Worlds” exhibit at the Museum of Science. I’d heard so many good things about it and I’m so glad that we finally got a chance to go. Then we went to see a movie (The Departed). It was the best day I’d had in a while. I don’t know how to describe it other than to say that it reminded me of when Matt and I first started dating and we would just ignore all of our responsibilities and go find cool stuff to do together. It sounds cheesy, but I just felt so lighthearted and happy and it was just a really, really good day.

On Saturday we hung out at home for a while, and then we went to the mall so that we could walk around and show each other things that we want for Christmas. I have some good ideas for what to get him – hopefully he’ll be surprised, although he does have a tendency to go and buy himself all of the things that I think I’m being really sneaky about. Now the rule is that he is not allowed to buy himself anything between now and Christmas so that he doesn’t accidentally get himself anything that I already purchased.

After the mall, we went out to dinner, and had some drinks and some yummy food. Then we headed to a friend’s party, which was… ok. It wasn’t bad, wasn’t good. We only knew the hosts, and while I really tried to mingle and talk to people, everyone there was much older than us (by at least 10 years) and it was a little awkward. It was good to see our friends since we hadn’t seen them in a while and we got to visit our old stomping ground (since their house is down the street from where we used to live).

On Sunday we kind of just hung around the house. It was a rainy day; the kind where you don’t feel guilty about not getting anything done. I took care of a few miscellaneous chores and also got a chance to read for a long time. Very relaxing.

Now it’s Monday… back to the grind stone. I really think this weekend did me some good though. Next week is Thanksgiving which means another short week! And it means stuffing myself with lots of food – yum.


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