Dear Imitrex,

Dear Imitrex,

I have good news and bad news. Which one would you like first? The good news? Ok, here goes:

You are a wonderful treatment of migraines. You work quickly. You cure not only the pain, but the sensitivity to light and sound. Although you are a little harder to come by (prescription needed) you are worth the trip to the doctor because you are so much more effective than Advil or even the coveted Excedrin.

What’s the bad news, you ask? Well, I have but one request:

Could you knock it off with the damn side effects already?

I don’t LIKE feeling like there is a 100 pound weight on my chest. I don’t like feeling like someone is clamping my jaw shut. I REALLY don’t like when my hands shake – if I wanted to look like a crack whore, I would be on crack, ok?

And the nausea. Oh god, can we talk about the nausea? SO not pleasant.

Look, I know other people have it worse. And I’m really grateful for your effectiveness on the horrible, blinding headaches. But when I’m clutching my stomach with my shaking hands, I find it very hard to feel a warm fuzzy spot in my heart for you.

So can you work on that? Please?


A very smart, but annoyed, cookie


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