The warming of the house

Tomorrow is our housewarming party – yay! We bought our house in the middle of June, but except for Matt’s immediate family we haven’t had any guests yet, and certainly no parties.

I’m incredibly excited for tomorrow to happen. I’m really proud of us for making this step, and I love our house and can’t wait to show it off.

Of course, that’s not to say that I’m not freaking out, too:

Beer? What kind of beer? What if they want wine? What if they are hungry? How will we feed them? What if they think our couch is ugly/bathroom is dirty/neighborhood is bad???

So I basically plan to spend the entire day scrubbing every surface that I can find and spraying enough Febreeze to drown in. And purchasing the entire stock of the neighborhood grocery and liquor stores.

Why am I so nervous? I don’t know… maybe because I am so desperately proud of this accomplishment and of our home and this commitment that we made and I want others to be proud, too. My family hasn’t seen our house yet, and honestly they were really blase about the whole thing. I think that’s because over-achievement is an expectation in my family rather than an accomplishment, but that’s a whole ‘nother story. Matt’s family has seen the house, and they think it’s nice and pretty and all that, but they weren’t as impressed as I would have liked. Maybe that’s because he was the third out of three siblings to buy a house, all within 9 months of each other, but his brother’s had MOLD and WATER where water should not be and they still showed a crapload of enthusiasm for that so give me a break for wanting a little more excitement out of people.

Maybe I am making too big of a deal out this, and in fact I am a reasonable enough person to admit that I am making a really huge deal out of something that lots and lots of people do. But really, can’t people just humor me here? Just ooh and aah and pretend that we’re really cool and totally ignore that ugly couch because I KNOW it is ugly but it was either a new couch or a new bed and god I’m glad I spent the money on the Tempurpedic that still has an impression of my ass in it when I get out of bed in the morning.

So here’s hoping that the party goes well. And that people think we’re cool and that we have a nice house. Oh yeah, and that it pisses my neighbors off enough that I feel avenged for whatever the fuck they have been doing the last four weekends in a row that makes so much goddamned noise. Damn hateful neighbors.


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