I’ve been neglecting this young, budding blog lately, but not without good reason. I’m a busy girl, you know!

Last Friday I drove to New Jersey – a truly whirlwind trip. The Monday before that I had my car in the shop and was told that it would take $820 of my hard earned money to fix the car and get it through inspection. So while I hate being dependent on my parents, especially my father, for anything, I broke down and called him and it was determined that I should drive to NJ and have him do the work for me.

I made the trip on Friday, leaving at 2:30 from work. It promptly began to pour and I promptly began to think oh shit oh shit oh shit, but I persevered through the horrendous traffic telling myself that the storms were moving North and that I was bound to be past them soon.

As I approached Southern CT, I began hearing reports on the radio about the wind that had followed the storm and the havoc it had reached on power lines, trees, etc. La di da, I thought, it doesn’t feel windy to me, and the rain is gone, and the rest of this trip will be easy. But the universe obviously had other plans, as it was out to get me, like it usually is, and so fate would have it that as I was hitting scan on the radio I heard the words, “95 South is closed due to downed trees, which is reaking havoc across Southern CT.” This as I was on the entrance ramp to 95 South.

I started working on alternate routes, each one more convoluted as I found out that more and more roads were closed. Finally, I arrived at my parents at 9:30 – a 4 hour and 30 minute trip had taken me 7 hours.

¬†Luckily the next day the gods smiled upon me and my car was fixed. We did more things with better parts and it cost $300. And in case you don’t know, $300 is much better than $820. Plus the trip back only took 4 hours and 15 minutes and that was a glorious thing. And my car passed inspection this week. And I won the lottery.

Ok, I made that last one up.

Anyway, that was last weekend, but this week has been very busy what with the preparation for the best holiday of the year. I can’t wait for the party tomorrow and for Matt’s first pumpkin carving experience (seriously, what person his age has never carved a pumpkin before??)

So, those things, plus the large amount of stress that my job has inflicted on me the past week, equals my long list of excuses for not updating my poor little blog. From now on I solemnly swear to update more often. Which is really funny because no one really cares if I do or not because no one reads this. But whatever man, this is, like totally about the writing and not at all about my popularity or self-worth. Yeah.


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