A day off? Love that Christopher Columbus!

Ok, so technically my company didn’t just give me a day off. But Matt’s gave him one and so I used one of those vacation days that was just burning a hole in my pocket and we had ourselves a lovely 3 day weekend.

The weekend started on Friday night when I went out for drinks with some of the girls from work. We’ve never done this before, but I think we will in the future because it was so much fun! (Then again, what activity involving margaritas is NOT fun? However, I definitely think that the company upped the fun factor more than the presence of some sour mix and Jose Cuervo.) I will sheepishly admit that I don’t have a ton of friends and I find it difficult to make close friends, so it was really nice to have a little girls’ night and hang out.

Then on Saturday Matt and I ran a bunch of errands (one of which included getting some more accessories for our Halloween costumes!) and kind of hung out. We had a late lunch and then just kind of went home and hung out. I read for a long time and Matt played video games, which sounds really boring but was actually really nice. I love to read and I actually read an entire book on Saturday – it was glorious.

On Sunday, we also scoured the house from top to bottom which always makes me feel productive (but kind of sad when it is dirty again a few hours later). We also went to Home Depot to get the supplies we needed to winterize our upstairs windows (which need to be replaced but we are just too damn poor to do it this year). Then we went on a date and took ourselves out to dinner – yum.

Monday was a really productive day. Matt chopped apart our old fence to use as firewood in NH next weekend. He had borrowed this fancy saw thing from his Dad and let me tell you nothing gets that boy fired up like power tools. He also rented some kind of drill (a hammer drill maybe?) from Home Depot to put up a shelf in our basement – the rented drill was necessary to get through the concrete basement wall. I cleaned out my car, which was WAAAY overdue. Matt did a great job with the window stuff and actually managed to stop the horrible draft from our bathroom window, which was an absolute necessity before we turn on the heat. Oh yeah, and I read another entire book 🙂

Nothing but love for the 3 day weekends!


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