Life of a Cookie

5 things you should know about me (in no particular order and of no particular importance.)

1. I am a horribly picky eater. No, really – it’s that bad. I have gotten better but that’s really not saying much. I am perfectly happy with my choice of foods, so if you tell me “just try it, you’ll like it” I will cut you.

Matt is even pickier than I am. He does not eat sauce or condiments of any kind (with the exception of Italian salad dressing). Our household’s diet is mainly made up of frozen pizza (we cook it before we eat it), pasta with butter and grated cheese, and ice cream.

Amazingly, neither one of us appears to be malnourished. So, kiddies, I am living proof that nothing bad will happen if you don’t eat your vegetables.

2. We live in New England. Matt grew up near here; I didn’t. I grew up in a certain Mid Atlantic state that is sometimes referred to as “The Garden State” and sometimes as “The Armpit of our Country.” You decide which you think is a more appropriate nickname (hint: watch the opening credits to The Sopranos first).

3. We recently bought a house. Together. Yes, we are living in sin. No, I do not think that is a problem.

Having a house is awesome. Also awesome is the fact that my commute went from 1.5 hours each way to 15 minutes. Our neighbors = not so awesome. More on that and the house buying experience later.

4. My birthday is on New Year’s Eve. The doctor asked my parents if they wanted a New Year’s baby and their reply was “Are you kidding? We want the tax deduction!” This should give you a telling glimpse into my parents.

I was born in 1982. In case you are bad at math, that makes me 23. Matt is also 23 but he was born in 1983, which makes him my boy toy. Ha.

A hint (because I am a giver): If you know someone with a birthday around the Holidays, don’t give presents wrapped in holiday paper. Your cheap ass can sprint for the birthday paper. Don’t worry, you can save money by cheaping out on the gift. (Oh, wow, a birthday present in real live birthday wrapping paper! You’re so sweet! And it’s a… pack of gum! Wow, how thoughtful you are!)

5. I have one sibling, a brother who just turned 16. Yeah, bit of an age difference there. I used to think he was a mutant being put on earth simply to ruin my life, but now I think he’s pretty cool. He’s a Junior in high school so he’s starting to look at colleges. I’m hoping I can help him out and I’m also hoping that he might decide to go somewhere near Boston. That way I can be the hip older sister who lets him do laundry for free at my place.


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